Experience a sailing tour of 5 or more hours in the gulf of Caldera and along the coast of Santorini. Enjoy the unique landscape which only Santorini can offer, while you relax on the boat, sunbathe, swim or taste some of the traditional dishes that the crew will prepare for you.

Santorini Caldera Boat Trips


Admired from the inside of the Caldera, the view of Santorini will be a memorable experience. Even if you arrive on the island by ferry or cruise ship this awe-inspiring land will leave you speachless. With us, both private and semi-private tours are available. On semi-private tours the maximum number of passengers will be 8, ensuring comfort and the best service for all .

Semi private half day tour (5hours).
We take up to 8 passengers on board.

A complete Caldera cruise.

Excursions summary:

The excursion starts from Ammoudi, one of the two small ports of Oia which is accesible by car. The boat sails below the village of Oia close to the steep cliffs, we pass in front of the village of Fira and the old port of Santorini and then the tour is heading towards the volcanic islands. Sailing by the new burnt island we arrive between the two volcanic islands (old burnt and new burnt) where you can enjoy the famous hot springs.
After this therapeutic swim, the tour continues by sailing to Aspronisi island for the second swimming stop. Having enjoyed the sandy beach of Aspronisi the boat sails to thirasia island, there you can swim in crystal clear waters while lunch is prepared on board. You will enjoy a delicious meal specially taken care of and server by the crew.
Finally the boat sails back to the port of ammoudi.

You can enjoy the same excursion from the afternoon until the sunset.
The sunset light adds more colour to the scene and you will have the feeling that you are sailing across the center of the crater.

Morning Cruise: 09:30-14:30: 140 € per person

Sunset Cruise: 14:30 - Return after the Sunset: 140 € per person

(There is 10% discount of the remaining amount, after the deposit, if paid in cash on the boat)

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Private charter

Booking Odysseas s/y privately, you have the ability to enjoy a tailor made tour, having only your favorite company on board.
The Captain will make his proposals, for a tour to suit your own preferences.

The boat can be chartered privately as follows:

• Half day, morning or sunset tour (5 hours):
- Up to 4 persons 700€
- 5 persons 750€ (150€ per person)
- 6 persons 800€ (133€ per person)
- 7 persons 900€ (128€ per person)
- 8 persons 1000€ (125€ per person)
(There is 10% discount of the remaining amount, after the deposit, if paid in cash on the boat)

• Full day (8.5 hours), 11:30 until the Sunset: 1100 € (up to 4 persons)
- 5 persons 1200€
- 6 persons 1300€
- 7 persons 1400€
- 8 persons 1500€
(There is 10% discount of the remaining amount, after the deposit, if paid in cash on the boat)

In a private excursion among others you can optionally visit:

  • Red beach
  • White beach
  • Black beach
  • Indian face mountain
  • Aspronisi island
  • New burnt island
  • Old burnt island
  • Thirasia island
  • Lots of hidden bays
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